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Resolving to Get Fit as a Family – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Stoller Strides BothellStroller Strides Bothell

It’s that time of year! The time when many individuals and families vow to get up and moving and back into shape. The TV ads and packed gym parking lots are evidence of the “get fit now” mentality that tends to come with the new year. And as someone who places a strong value on health and fitness, I think these are great goals! The problem is that for many people and their families, the goals are too big and our lives are too busy, so after a month or so the fitness resolutions fizzle out (I’m speaking from experience here!).

With a baby on the way in just under a month, I have been thinking ahead to when our little one arrives and different ways that I can get back into a work-out routine that is manageable and fits into what I know is about to become an extremely busy season of life. I’m a first time mom and my workouts in the past have consisted of playing on soccer teams, training at the gym, and a lot of running in recent years. And while all of these have been great for me, I wanted to find some things that I could do together with my husband and child, so we are all getting fit as a family. So, I started to do some research, and I found there are plenty of quick, easy, and fun ways you can get moving as a family, even during these cold, winter months.

Pick one of these to try!

  • Turn your living room into a gym and let the games begin!
    I can remember going over to a friend’s house when I was young and our favorite activity was pretending we were gymnasts. We’d push the couches back (with the help of her mom!), lay out some thick comforters, and swirl, somersault and bound around the living room until we were out of breath and red in the face! This is a great way to get your kids active and moving. Just make sure to move the coffee table and cover any pointy corners!
  • Family Dance Party!
    Find an open space in your house, crank up the music, (pull the blinds if you’re embarrassed!) and dance! My mom has an in-home daycare that I visit regularly and on many occasions I’ve found the kids having an impromptu dance party. Join in and you get a great workout too. Plus, the kids LOVE it. My current favorite dance party music: Casper Baby Pants and Recess Monkey.
  • Walk/Jog as a Family
    If you have kids who are old enough to hit the trails with you, head out on a family walk or jog. Start small and work up to a goal as a family. First, loop the neighborhood, then head to a local track or trail. You can even train for a family race or event! There are many great FREE 1k races for kids locally. Check out race websites to see if they include a kids’ 1k option.
  • Stroller Strides
    While I, (Nicole speaking here), was pregnant with my first I attended a pregnancy workout class offered at Evergreen Hospital and I absolutely LOVED it! It got me out and moving and made the end of my pregnancy tolerable. The instructor was the owner of the Bothell Stroller Strides group and I joined that shortly after Logan was born. I’ll give a shout out to Hillary because she is so outgoing and fun and Stroller Strides (fitness classes where you get to take and bond with your child) was the best thing I ever did for myself as a new mom. When I went back to work full time I had a really hard time keeping a workout schedule and I really regret that, but I fully plan to join Stroller Strides of Bothell once Dylan is born! Hilary makes the classes fun and while you are focused on yourself; you also can bond with your baby. Check it out at Bothell Stroller Strides!

These are just a few of my favorites. For more on family fitness, check out the following websites:

Carrots and Peas, and Green Beans, Oh My!

Resolving to Eat Healthy as a Family
100 Days of Real Food

If eating healthy as a family was one of your New Year’s resolutions, you are not alone. Many families (and individuals) resolve to eat healthier in the New Year, but it is usually easier said than done. I know from my own experience managing a full time job, friends, church, and my husband and toddler’s busy schedules that making time to prepare healthy meals and snacks often falls off of the limited day’s itinerary. I certainly have not mastered every day healthy eating/food preparation, but I have a few resources that have helped me to make it easier that I want to share with you!

  1. Resolve to pack the lunches the night before while one parent does the bath/bedtime routine. We usually have leftovers from dinner the night before for lunch the next day, which means kitchen clean-up and lunch prep go hand in hand.
  2. Bento Box style lunch containers have been instrumental in helping me pack a balanced lunch. They have separate compartments, so I am visually reminded that I need to pack something from each of the food groups. I will slide fruit in one smaller compartment, frozen peas/corn/carrots in another, and then the leftovers (hopefully a balanced meal of protein and carbs) in the biggest section. Here are the ones that I use for our family.
  3. As a previous year’s resolution my family changed to a “real food” mentality. At first, it was daunting for me to try to think of how to eat real, whole foods all of the time, but then I found a website that I use (to this day) for most of my meals; 100 Days of Real Food. We started by doing the mini-pledges to build up to a completely whole foods plan. Her recipes are amazing and tasty (did not find one “dud” on the whole site) and my husband and toddler loved all of it too!
  4. Here are also a few pins from Pinterest that had great resources for healthy eating:
  • Lunches – 100 days of lunches with no processed foods
  • Fruit Snacks – My son LOVES “cheweys”
  • Fruit Leathers – Also a popular snack
  • Breakfast – Breakfast on the go is always tricky…My husband and toddler love these samis! I make mine with the nitrate free ham and Tillamook cheese (no growth hormones).
  • Oatmeal – My toddler won’t eat it, but my husband and I also do a lot of oatmeal during the week!

I hope these resources help you to get off on the right track with your healthy eating resolution!  Remember, don’t beat yourself up if you mess up one day.  It took me many baby steps to change my family’s eating habits!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year 2013This morning you are either one of two people: you are feeling rested, refreshed and excited about the possibilities of the New Year because your young children go to bed at 8pm and you followed shortly behind them, or you are feeling exhausted because you stayed up late to ring in the New Year and your children didn’t get the memo to sleep in, but you’ll be excited for the possibilities of the New Year once you get your infusion of morning energy.

Whichever Mommy you are today, I’m sure you know that you have a lot to look forward to in this New Year! Along with the excitement of new possibilities you might also be feeling the “I’ve gotta change some things this year” itch. Isn’t it great that we get this little kick to make things better? As long as you aren’t being hard on yourself, this motivation to change, this resolve, can be great for you and your family. As parents, we can pretty easily see what needs a resolution to change, make a list, make a plan, and attempt to carry out those plans. Our children however might struggle with this concept a bit. Here are some tips to help make some family resolutions that everyone can help carry out this New Year:

  • Start the conversation off with a discussion about grace. It’s easy for kids (and adults) to think that they failed because there are SO many things that they could be doing differently. Remind children that you love them and God loves them even though they aren’t “perfect” (that’s Grace), but that we always have a chance to make ourselves better.
  • Pick realistic and attainable resolutions. One idea is to pick one goal in different areas. For example, pick one goal in health and wellness, one in quality time, and one in spirituality.
  • If you haven’t already, take time to come up with a family mission statement and have a discussion about what things are most valued to your family. This could be a great way for kids to see where the resolutions come from and will help bond you together as a family.
  • Make the 1st a celebration too! Have a special meal together, play games, dance, make a fun craft out of your newly made family resolutions.

Here is a cute craft to help your family display their resolutions.

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful day together today and can use these tips to help build an even stronger bond in 2013!