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Garden Letters!

Garden LettersGarden Letters

As I am currently working on teaching my son to recognize his letters while studying the current best practices for preschool literacy, I have found some very useful information that I have been able to “test”. While we have found many things that don’t work (“let’s sit down and do flashcards and workbooks!”), I have also found several activities that have helped him to improve his letter recognition. One of my favorite finds are these great stones that can be used in many hands-on learning games. How about putting them in our fabulous learning garden and doing a scavenger hunt? Another fun and active idea that I tried out yesterday (because we had an 85 degree AMAZING day here in the PNW) was a game of squirt the letters. We are working on the lowercase letters and I wrote a bunch of letters (uppercase and lowercase) on the ground with sidewalk chalk. He held his favorite garden spray bottle and when I called out a letter he had to run to it and squirt it away. It helped me to see which ones he knew and he had a blast! Having fun while learning the letters is key in keeping a preschooler engaged and building a solid conceptual foundation. We can’t wait to use these ideas and more with our kids next year!

A Place of Peace :: Resolving to make the house organized and purposeful

Resolving to Make the House Organized and Purposeful
Front Door Command CenterFront Door Command Center

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a problem with getting rid of “stuff” that isn’t being used. I do have some organizational struggles though, which are:  1) daily mail, receipts, papers, notes from school, magazines, etc., devouring my kitchen table;  2) Going through my son’s toys and clothes on a regular basis to keep the closet and play areas functional; and 3) Keeping the fridge and pantry from utter chaos.

Here are some ideas that can help you tackle your family’s resolution to get organized:

Happy organizing!