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Inch By Inch: We’re going to make this Garden Grow!

The Garden Preschool: 3 Focus AreasThe Garden Preschool

Wow! The first month in 2013 has flown by! I hope that some of our tips have inspired you to make the most of the precious time you have with your preschooler. I know with getting back to work and school and life, I constantly have to remind myself to pause and really savor my family time.

We at the Garden preschool have had a great time reflecting on our own values and building up the foundation for what we hope will enrich the lives of all of the students and families that we get the delight of serving come September when we officially launch the preschool. As we move into February we are going to continue posting on our blog some tips and resources to help make parenting and teaching your preschool a bit easier. All of the posts that you see are on topics that we feel very strongly about and also connect directly to our 3 main value areas at The Garden Preschool: developing a love for God, a love for self, and a love for learning.

To develop a love for God we will be posting bible stories, preschool-appropriate “mini-lessons”, crafts, songs, and other faith-building resources that we will also be implementing in our preschool classes.

A love for self comes from having the security of knowing that God loves you, but also we will be posting resources ever month for healthy recipes, exercise and “active-time” ideas, and body/self image building books, activities, and tips.

Of course as preschool teachers (as well as Mommies) we hope that all children not only learn and grow every day, but also develop a true love for learning and a curiosity that will make the process fun and engaging for them. We will be posting monthly author spotlights, literacy activities, and authentic math and science ideas appropriate for the preschool age. Again, all of the posts will directly relate to our core values at The Garden Preschool and should give you some insight into what your child would be doing if they get to be one of our little learners!

Please don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook so that you will see all of the blog posts come through and also check out our website for information on our Fall programs and contact us if you would like to be in the loop about September 2013 (or beyond) openings.

We feel so blessed to be able to bring our passions to all of you amazing parents and we hope that you have benefitted from some of our tips thus far!

Kari and Nicole at The Garden Preschool

Resolving to Build Faith Together – A few ideas

Boz the BearBoz the Bear

Could there be any more of a daunting task? Teach my child all of the skills necessary to thrive in the world and then also teach them to have good character and desire to learn about God and how to live a spiritual and meaningful life? Yikes! There are many resources out there that have great ideas for teaching young children about God. I think that the biggest struggle with the toddler and preschool age is that often you sit down to do a devotional, sing, and read the bible and within 10 seconds they are up and making dinner in their play kitchen. You feel like you’ve failed. I felt this way for a long time….we tried to make family devotionals a part of our evening schedule ever since Logan was born.

We started in infancy with us reading while he ate and then playing the LullaBible – My absolute favorite-even still!

Now we have progressed to reading a bible story from the Hands on Bible and doing the activities from it and singing a few songs.

Logan usually lasts about 5-10 minutes now and it is still hard to imagine that we are making any difference. We also watch Veggie Tales and Boz the Bear.

Yesterday in the car we were listening to the Veggie Tales worship cd and he started singing (the right words!!). My husband and I just looked at each other and smiled. He might not be reciting any versus right now, but I know that his character is being shaped by what we are doing and that with God’s help (through lots of parental and family prayer) that good values are being built in our little man’s heart.