Meet Our Teachers

Nicole and Kari met when they were hired the same year to teach third grade in the Lake Washington School District. In their three years teaching next door to each other they became a strong team, as well as close friends. The two found that they had much in common beyond their love for teaching, including their Christian faith, a passion for healthy living, a love for all things creative, and more! In 2012 they felt a calling to open a preschool where they could use their many gifts and passions to nurture children at the earliest stage of education. They are excited to work with children starting at the roots, and provide what they need to grow into healthy, whole individuals ready to flourish in the elementary school years.

Ms. Kari

Kari is a professionally certified teacher, with seven years teaching experience at the elementary level and a BA in Elementary Education. She has held an endorsement in Early Childhood Education and has worked with kids ranging from preschool through junior high. This experience, combined with regular professional development classes and courses in early childhood and elementary education have kept Kari up-to-date with the current standards and best practices in teaching across grade levels. While teaching first grade, she developed a passion for early literacy, which she is excited to bring into her teaching at the preschool level. Kari also loves art, music, fitness, cooking and baking—all interests she brings into the classroom to enrich the lives of her students. Kari has spent most of her life in Bothell, attending local schools and graduating from Bothell High School, and now settling in Bothell with her family. She is excited to bring her gift of teaching to the Bothell community.

Ms. Nicole

Nicole has 5 years of teaching experience at the elementary level and holds a Masters in teaching in Elementary Education. She has taught 3rd grade in both the public and private school settings and has become very familiar with the state and common core standards in all grades. In addition, Nicole has taken numerous courses that have helped develop best practices in teaching children of all ages and managing a classroom. Nicole has a two-year-old son, Logan, who has allowed her to learn even more about early childhood education and childhood development through her experiences with him. She enjoys developing creative ways to teach him new skills and information and enjoys crafting and making homemade toys and works. Logan has attended a Montessori preschool through his toddler years which has provided yet another example of the great self-building principles that are the focus of the Montessori Method. Nicole is excited to be developing a preschool that will enrich her growing family as well as her school children!

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

~Mark Van Doren