About Us

At The Garden we believe in the education of the whole child, nurturing and growing children to love learning, love God, and love themselves.

Love of Learning

At The Garden Preschool students will receive a standards-driven academic experience, preparing them for kindergarten and beyond. Students will learn through an array of multi-sensory activities that engage them in learning across a variety of subjects.

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Love of Self

We believe in the importance of healthy living, and the value in “starting small” and teaching children about health at a young age. At The Garden Preschool, students will learn about healthy eating and living through fun and engaging activities that are integrated into each school day. Students will enjoy wholesome, organic snacks daily and will learn to make and bake healthy, delicious snacks. Students will also have “Active Time” daily, to strengthen their growing bodies. Active Time will rotate between a variety of fun activities including kids’ yoga, dance, active games, and more!

Love of God

Jesus Said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”– Mark 10:13-16

In every learning experience we will reflect on God’s love for us and build an appreciation for the many gifts and blessings that he has given us. Your child will feel loved and secure by not only the teachers, but also by the greatest teacher of all; God. We will have a biblical theme or topic for each month that will be our focus and we will spiral to this topic daily for reinforcement. We will also incorporate bible stories, songs, and concepts into our weekly lesson plans so that your child can build an understanding and appreciation of God through His word. We will also be teaching the children to value one another and to Love as God has commanded us by doing monthly service projects.